Beside filling all those super cool molds that came with the Thingmaker sets there are a variety of other crafts that you can do with Plasti-Craft Goop. If you have any craft ideas of your own please share them with us and your idea just might end up on the web.

Decorate Clothing & Fabrics
Take a t-shirt, or curtains etc., and lay it on a cookie sheet to keep it nice and flat. Since we will have to heat cure the goop in the oven I recommend cotton. Place a few sheets of aluminum foil flat in the shirt, under the area that you will be decorating so that the goop wont soak into the other layers. Keep the shirt/fabric flat and make your design with the various colors of goop. The opaque goop will show up best. Take your time and make your design. You could try stencils. You could make a shirt for mothers day, fathers day, a political statement shirt, a groovy rave shirt (glow & fluorescent), the possibilities are as endless as your artistic abilities. You could create a 3D effect by using thick layers and clear goop. Sometimes it is easier to make one layer, cook it and then apply another layer without having to worry about smearing the first. Remember that the cloth has to go in the oven for a few minutes so chose your fabric accordingly. 1. Goop will soak through layers so lay some flat aluminum foil underneath. 2. Make design or first stage of design. 3. Cure Goop in kitchen oven at 325-350F. 4. Remove from oven and cool. Repeat from step 2 to add more layers to your design. 5. For thin designs you could lay some aluminum foil on top and use a hot iron to cure the goop. Remember that Goop will soften and become sticky when it is reheated. So take care when doing both sides of a shirt so that the finished bottom side doesn't stick or get smeared. Goop doesn't stick to metal like smooth aluminum very well.

And to put Creepy Crawlers on your clothes... Another extension of this idea is to take some of those cool creatures you made with your Thingmaker set and permanently adhere them to your shirt. This will work best with creatures from the one sided molds. You could do this in the oven as described above but you run the risk of melting your creature. Its a little tricky but I would... 1. Take my creature and put a little fresh uncured Goop on the bottom to serve as a glue. 2. Put aluminum foil on the backside of where you will put your Creepy Crawlers. 3. Iron the shirt from the back with the foil in between. Make sure you press against the Creepy Crawler such that it will become one with the shirt. The clothes should be ok in the washer and dryer as long as the dryer temperature doesn't get above 300F.
Window Ornaments Ever stick a Creepy Crawler to the window? Same idea but make your design in a flat glass (casserole) dish, plate or any smooth surface that can go in the oven and the goop wont stick too. Experiment with opaque and transparent colors. You could make signs, holiday window decorations, stained glass decorations, etc. And best of all you can peel it off and put it up again whenever, where ever, you want. 1. Make design on oven safe, smooth surface. 2. Cook Goop at 325-350F. 3. Cool, peel off of cooking surface, stick to window. TIP: If the surface becomes dirty and won't stick as well, wash with liquid dish soap. This should make the surface a bit more tacky.


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