greenbeetlegoop yellowbeetlegoop pinkblackteardropgoop Plastigoop, my favorite thing, the stuff that makes the magic happen. Plastigoop first made it's debut in 1962 with the Vac-U-Maker. These early bottles of goop have the distinctive beetle on the front and are quite rare in used or unused condition.

    Once the Thingmaker - Creepy Crawlers, had taken their own direction independent of the Vac-u-form The bottles changed to the black tear drop labels. These seem to be the most common type of bottle as they were available during the production of most of the original Thingmaker sets. There were a few variations such as the red instead of black coloring for the the nite-glow and the fleshtone goop. Icky Yuk was a different kind of goop that was only issued with the Eeeeks! set. it was a bit more tacky and stretchy. Eeeeks set with Icky Yuk            

Icky Yuk had the tear drop style label but the secondary colors were green as seen in the in the picture here of a mint Eeeeks! Set. Green, blue, and yellow are the only colors of Icky Yuk that I have ever seen. According to John Kolsar of not all sets of Eeeeks! included Icky Yuk. Another interesting note about the Eeeeks! set pictured here is that Mattel is already making the transition to their new labels, I call these labels plain because... that is what they are. 

Then came the Toymax years and the goop was flowing like it never had before. Starting in 1992 Toymax began with hyphenating the name to Plasti-Goop. They also picked up catchy side names like Magic Maker and Fantastic Plastic. The goop came in the regular colors but now there was also Glitter Goop, Metallic Goop, 4 colors of Glow Goop. There was Color Change Plasti-Goop that would change color with temperature. There was Stretch Goop, Eraser Goop and Plasti-Steel. The Dolly Maker sets even had goop that was scented.